Oklahoma Study of Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children 2014

Oklahoma Study of Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children 2014

This is a copy of the initial report (with data prepared for the George Kaiser Family Foundation) based research I’ve had the privilege of joining to work on with Dr. Susan Sharp and Ms. Melissa Jones. This information is compiled from our trips to Oklahoma’s womens prisons and begins to tell the story of the experiences of the states incarcerated women and their children. Multiple additional products based on the data are under construction at this time. 

Off the Market

Here’s a video from a panel presentation I took part in with the “Off the Market: Putting and End to Human Trafficking” conference. The panel was on Strategies for Human Sex Trafficking Intervention.
Skip to minute 41 for my portion of the talk or watch the entire piece to learn about some incredible interventions taking place in the greater Oklahoma City area.

CSWE APM 2014 – Presentation on Multimodal Education and Using Art to Facilitate Student Processing on the Implications of Clinical Decision Making

@2014APM Presentaiton on Using Art & Multimodal Learning to Enhance Student Processing of Client Experiences

A few articles related to the topic.

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Hot off the press

Getting great Press! 

One of the many projects I’ve been working on lately is with a non-profit called Redeeming the Family. “The Messages Project” is a program where volunteers go into Oklahoma’s prisons and video-record prisoners reading books to their children. They then make a DVD of the recording, and book and video are mailed to child so that they can feel a sense of connection to their parent. The focus is to use literacy development as a mechanism to decrease stress and anxiety for children of incarcerated parents by helping them maintain appropriate familial relationships. My main role in the project has been to develop a system to quantify and measure multiple domains related to the state of the child’s well-being before, during, and after the program. We’ve been seeing some great results, and getting some great press.

 Click here for a link to a recent article about this in The Oklahoman.

CEU Understanding the Basics of Trauma Informed Practice – Resources

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