Writeup in OU Priority Magazine

This was a small writeup in the OU publication (Priority), released in June 2019, detailing the direction I’ve been taking in Knee Center for Strong Families. 
“We are explicitly and unapologetically here to make sure this fund is used to support applied research that improves the quality of people’s lives.” – McLeod

Oklahoma Study of Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children 2014

Oklahoma Study of Incarcerated Mothers and Their Children 2014

This is a copy of the initial report (with data prepared for the George Kaiser Family Foundation) based research I’ve had the privilege of joining to work on with Dr. Susan Sharp and Ms. Melissa Jones. This information is compiled from our trips to Oklahoma’s womens prisons and begins to tell the story of the experiences of the states incarcerated women and their children. Multiple additional products based on the data are under construction at this time. 

Off the Market

Here’s a video from a panel presentation I took part in with the “Off the Market: Putting and End to Human Trafficking” conference. The panel was on Strategies for Human Sex Trafficking Intervention.
Skip to minute 41 for my portion of the talk or watch the entire piece to learn about some incredible interventions taking place in the greater Oklahoma City area.