The article I was interviewed for with The Atlantic

I was fortunate to be one of the many people interviewed by Olga Khazan for her piece Into the Body of Another. This work begins to tell the story of the complicated intersection of poverty, drug abuse, child welfare, and the criminal justice system for women and their children in Oklahoma. More specifically, issues surrounding fetal exposure to drugs and alcohol are discussed. Some pieces are cut and dried while others are much more nuanced. It’s an interesting read, at least to me, and so I thought perhaps others may like it too. Click below to check it out. ~damc

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NOFSW 15 – The Influence of Coercive Control and Intimate Partner Violence on Women’s Pathways to Incarceration

A presentation from the 2015 National Organization of Forensic Social Work Annual Conference in Washington DC. 
Disclaimer: This is only the overhead portion of what was a presentation that provided far deeper contextual information related to a very complex topic. Please feel free to use this information in any way you can to inform conversations on the topic, however do so with caution, knowing that this information is not complete when taken away from the discussion that surrounded it. These transitions of images and words were only a backdrop for a more rich and nuanced conversation that took place at the conference. Thanks for your interest and feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like to learn more about this area. ~damc

Off the Market

Here’s a video from a panel presentation I took part in with the “Off the Market: Putting and End to Human Trafficking” conference. The panel was on Strategies for Human Sex Trafficking Intervention.
Skip to minute 41 for my portion of the talk or watch the entire piece to learn about some incredible interventions taking place in the greater Oklahoma City area.

Hot off the press

Getting great Press! 

One of the many projects I’ve been working on lately is with a non-profit called Redeeming the Family. “The Messages Project” is a program where volunteers go into Oklahoma’s prisons and video-record prisoners reading books to their children. They then make a DVD of the recording, and book and video are mailed to child so that they can feel a sense of connection to their parent. The focus is to use literacy development as a mechanism to decrease stress and anxiety for children of incarcerated parents by helping them maintain appropriate familial relationships. My main role in the project has been to develop a system to quantify and measure multiple domains related to the state of the child’s well-being before, during, and after the program. We’ve been seeing some great results, and getting some great press.

 Click here for a link to a recent article about this in The Oklahoman.